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Active recruiting

Our recruiting process
in six steps 

Our recruitment process

We haven't reinvented the wheel of recruiting, but finding the right employees is a time-consuming and laborious task, and we're happy to help you with that. Our service ranges from a needs analysis and approaching applicants to signing the contract - we manage your recruitment process quickly and purposefully.

Step 1

Together with you and your department, we analyze the personnel requirements. This exchange forms our foundation for the tailor-made search for employees. The employee should suit you both on a professional and personal level.

step 2

Every job is unique! Therefore, we formulate an individual job advertisement for each position, which not only convinces in terms of content, but also exactly reflects the tone, the energy and the personality of your company.


step 3

"Post and Pray" was yesterday! We ensure that your job advertisement has a good reach on the internet. We also scour social networks, our database, job exchanges and a wide variety of applicant portals. Last but not least, we draw on our long-standing network.

step 4

By means of competence-based interviews, we sound out the applicants. We make a suitable pre-selection and present the candidates to you.


step 5

You decide who you want to get to know! If necessary, we coordinate the job interviews in your company with our applicants. We are also happy to be present to support the discussions.

step 6

The right employee has been found and should start as soon as possible, but his English is not yet secure enough.

No problem: As part of Dargan GmbH & Co. Sprachschulen KG , we can quickly offer you language courses at attractive prices, so that nothing stands in the way of you and your future colleagues.

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