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We make it possible. J EP supports you in filling vacancies. Find suitable specialists with JEP.

Your benefits at a glance

time saving

Recruiting the right people can take a lot of time and resources. As your partner in recruitment, we take over every step of the process and keep you up to date at the same time.


It doesn't matter whether you are looking for a temporary help in the warehouse, a service worker, an employee in the field or a Java developer - for every vacant position we carry out a tailor-made search in order to find your ideal candidate.


Developed from a language school, we have a large network of international candidates. You too can benefit from it!

additional services

As part of Dargan GmbH & Co. Sprachschulen KG , we can offer you various adjustment measures for future employees (e.g. language courses, professional training, etc.)

With the necessary industry expertise, we mediate in various areas and find suitable workers for you - regardless of whether you are a manager or a temporary worker.


JEP offers you:

  • Drafting of a personal and professional requirements profile for your position

  • Publication of these profiles within a job advertisement via job exchanges, databases and social media

  • Identification of a suitable applicant via the various channels (applicant pool, acquisition and network)

  • Pre-selection of possible candidates, interviews, moderation and interactive presentation

  • The decision-making authority remains and rests solely with you

  • Mediation and organization of job interviews, internships, trial work and, if necessary, cancellation management


If you are interested, contact us without obligation.

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