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Our plus services

Our services are not limited to pure placement, but also cover related areas such as adaptation and further training of employees. That's what the plus in our name stands for.

Both companies and applicants benefit from the fact that Jobs Europe Plus offers all the necessary placement and training services under one roof. You have short distances and still full service.

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In cooperation with our partners we offer you the following additional services:

  • Adaptation measures to optimize the (future) skills and knowledge of a potential employee (such as language courses but also professional training)

  • matching office

  • Application training and careers advice

  • competency assessment

  • Individual and group coaching

  • Organization and implementation of exams (telc, TOEIC, inlingua exams for employees who are in the recognition process, for example)

  • Translation service (e.g. for certificates, job references, etc.)

By maintaining cooperation and our networking with public authorities and the private sector, we are able to offer you such a service package if required.

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